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May Newsletter

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Greetings T&T VIPs!

It’s looking a lot like summer is just around the corner. We’ve enjoyed some lovely warm sunny days over the last few weeks and now’s the time people start thinking seriously about dusting off the trainers (again!) and getting in shape for all of the outdoor activities that follow.

If any of you are like me you’ve probably had a lingering goal of “get fit” or “take better care of myself” hanging around since at least New Years Day. It’s around now that we keep asking ourselves why we never seem to quite reach our destination!

We spoke with a couple of VIPs this month, Maryann Huynh and Adam Moseley, who are passionate about health, fitness and well-being. Through their insight it’s clear that while specific techniques, training plans and nutrition strategies are important, a key skill in reaching our health and fitness goals is prioritization.

Prioritizing is a key skill in conscious living. Through correct prioritizing, visions become reality.

In Anne Lamott’s excellent book on creativity, Bird by Bird, she recalls her father’s wise advice to her brother. He had put off an essay on the birds of America until the night before it was due, and he was fretting and stewing at the kitchen table, surrounded by books, encyclopedias, and paraphernalia. The father put an arm around the boy and said, “Bird by Bird buddy. Just take it bird by bird”. This is how great visions get implemented – One step at a time.

I hope you enjoy our conversations with Maryann and Adam about our most important priority – our health.

Of course, once you’ve sorted out your priorities hopefully T&T will be near the top of your list! Pop down and reward yourself with one of our new breakfast dishes this month!

RK March 2017

Staff Spotlight – Andrea Cannas

We meet our cheerful, multi talented chef.

Chef Andrea Cannas joined Tried & True late last year and forms one quarter of our hard working, talented kitchen team. Working hard to cook your breakfast 7 days a week.

It may be a coincidence but he is Sardinian just like our Head Chef Massimiliano.

Andrea moved to London from Sardinia back in October 2014. A fully qualified lawyer with a degree in jurisprudence from Sassari’s University in Italy, Andrea practiced law in Sardinia before coming to the UK capital to improve his English and study the English Common Law system.

Finding hospitality a good place to help fund his studies, Andrea embarked a tour of London’s kitchens finally ending up at Tried & True just before Christmas 2016.

“Hospitality is a great place to work because it gives you great experience working together as a team” Andrea muses while enjoying an espresso “I like it strong, no sugar!”

“I think the T&T staff are the best I have ever worked with, their professional skills and friendly attitude make the work easy and enjoyable”.

Andrea’s favourite dish at T&T is the Chorizo Skillet. The Italians sure have great taste!

On his spare time Andrea enjoys exploring his adopted city of London. “I love to taste new foods, to visit new pubs and discover new places in this wonderful city. There are so many surprises!”

A talented guitarist, Andrea loves to get his guitar out and play every day. “Every day off I spend some hours playing the guitar. There is never a day without music!”

“London is a beautiful city. I love learning about different people and cultures. It’s also a very exciting place to be right now with Europe changing so much”.


Putney People – Maryann Huynh

Ever consider changing your path in life? American expat and Putney resident Maryann Huynh has done just that after participating in a teacher training programme at The House of Yoga. Leaving behind her career in marketing, Maryann now shares her passion for yoga through teaching and helping others discover the potential a yoga practice has in changing their lives.

Where are you from originally?

The States - I was born in Charleston, South Carolina and raised on St. Simons Island, Georgia. I’ve been in London Since September 2009.

What do you like about life in Putney?

I love being minutes away from the hustle and bustle of London but equally close to lush green spaces like Richmond Park and Green Park. Being from a small town, nothing makes me happier than bumping into familiar and friendly faces in the neighbourhood.

​​How did you get started in fitness as a profession?

I’ve been practicing yoga for close to 10 years. When I encountered The House of Yoga (THoY) in Putney, my yoga practice became a regular, sacred part of my day and with encouragement from key teachers at the studio, I took part in THoY’s teacher training programme. It changed my life. Midway through my teacher training, in one bold move, I quit my job, leaving behind a 10-year career in marketing and market research. I fully transitioned out of my full-time, 9-5 role earlier this year, and I haven’t looked back since!

Can you tell us more about your business?

While I am a part of the teaching team at THoY, the bulk of my teaching schedule is with private and corporate clients. These one-on-one and small group relationships are so important to me - I love seeing the same faces each week, watching my clients' practices grow and seeing how yoga impacts their every day life. I bring yoga to clients’ homes and/or workspaces and can tailor sessions for all levels, abilities and objectives. Outreach work, or what I call Karma Yoga, is also a key pillar of my business, particularly given that teacher training showed me that yoga is my way of giving back and helping others.

What do you do to stay healthy?

I am very dedicated to carving out time to do some sort of exercise every day. I believe that once you realise how good your body is designed to feel, it’s easy to keep a fitness routine up.

In terms of diet, I let myself eat a variety of food. I try and not deny myself anything - I find that leaves me with a much more positive relationship with food.

I am also working on bringing more meditation into my life to keep my mind healthy. I’m not where I want to be with it, but I’m working on it!

What are your go-to guilty pleasures when you want to indulge?

I have this thing about French fries (or chips) - I LOVE THEM. Skinny fries, chunky chips, waffle friends, curly fries, crinkle cut…. My other half can vouch - I cannot leave chips behind on my plate.

What should people keep in mind when trying to become fitter?

BALANCE. Eat healthily, but don’t deny yourself a treat every now and again. Exercise and push yourself, but equally give yourself time to be still and restore.

Can people contact you about joining your program?

Absolutely! Drop me an email at

And finally…what do you like most about visiting Tried & True?

Delicious food and friendly staff in a dog friendly atmosphere. Oh, and the bacon! LSC

Training in the Great Outdoors

Tried & True has reached out to Putney local Adam Moseley whose work as a personal trainer is fueled by his passion for the outdoors. Here we delve into his story, his business and his philosophy on health.

Adam, where are you from originally?

I am originally from a little village down in West Sussex. Lots of fields and cows with very little going on.

And how long have you been in London? I have been in London almost 6 years. Originally the premise of moving here actually scared me a little...Now I can't imagine myself ever leaving.

What do you like about life in Putney?

So many things. For me the combination of countryside, restaurants, pubs, open spaces and the variety of shops makes Putney an excellent place to live. There is also a great sense of community down by the river.

How did you get started in fitness as a profession?

I became interested in fitness when I was about 8 years old. My dad was very active and I admired his physicality and passion for being outdoors. I started going to the gym and running when I was around 17 and enjoyed learning as I went along. Three years ago I decided it was time to take it on as a full time career.

Can you tell us more about your business?

My business is all about helping people to achieve optimal health without it impacting too heavily on their busy day-to-day lives. Whether it’s personal training, online reports, one-off consultations or monthly coaching, I provide people with the most appropriate knowledge specific to their individual goals and needs.

What do you do to stay healthy?

I try to exercise at least 5 times a week and enjoy a balanced diet. I also like to stay well hydrated and spend plenty of time outdoors.

What are your go-to guilty pleasures when you want to indulge?

I have a number of guilty pleasures. My favourites include fry-up breakfasts and enormous burgers. However I'm fairly lucky because I actually really enjoy nutritious foods. I've also learned how to cook some pretty tasty meals, which combat the cravings when I'm salivating for something less healthy.

What should people keep in mind when trying to become fitter?

One word. Consistency. The reason most people find it so difficult to achieve results is because they give up too quickly. The fact is, in order to change your body (internally or externally) you must be willing to put in the time. Planning ahead is also something to keep in mind. Setting up pockets of time in your week to exercise or prep healthy food is far easier than trying to summon the motivation at the end of a long and tiring day.

How can people contact you about joining your program?

For all services they can email at , add me on Facebook at , or alternatively they can check out my websites and I am very happy to answer any questions or queries people have!

And finally, what do you like most about visiting Tried & True?

I love the food. Tried and True offers a multitude of different options, including healthy and indulgent snacks and meals. The building itself is lovely and the friendly and efficient staff makes the environment all the more enjoyable.

Adam has fitness packages suited for anyone, including sessions for friends or couples and convenient “I don’t have time” sessions. Be sure to visit Adam’s website to read testimonials and check out your training options or email him directly for a consultation. LSC

May Special

Pop in this month and try our delicious asparagus benedict featuring tender asparagus and truffle oil, smothered with hollandaise and topped with shaved parmesan.

Hurry down while the asparagus season lasts!

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