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July Newsletter

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Greetings T&T VIPs!

Great Friends do Friends' dishes!

For the first time in about 4 years we found ourselves in a tight spot, staffing wise, in the kitchen about a month ago.

One of our chefs couldn’t make it due to a family emergency. Our other chefs were either on holiday, out of town or unavailable due to other prearranged commitments. Expecting to work in the kitchen anyway that day I found myself alone facing a busy Wednesday service all by myself!

Having exhausted all of the options I called my friend Adam who lives in Clapham Junction to ask him for help with the dishes.

“no worries bro” came the quick reply.

Adam was there in 20 minutes and stayed to the end of service.

It was a tough day but the show must go on. We caught up on the gossip while I scrambled eggs and plated mushrooms on toast.

Adam and I often joke that we met aged 24 “wearing suits” when we worked together in the policy department of the Auckland Regional Council over 18 years ago.

It was a surreal moment as we played the “wow I never thought we’d be here together in this scenario!” game. Life is funny like that sometimes!

I am incredible thankful and grateful to Adam for not only helping me out at the drop of a hat when I needed him but for the many years of friendship we have shared.

Kia ora bro! RK

Staff Spotlight - Anita Sharma


I am pleased and privileged to offer readers a formal introduction to our treasured kiwi waitress, coming all the way up from down under to grace our café with her charm, it’s Anita Sharma! She’s been kind enough to answer our burning questions and give us some insight into her world:

When did you come to London?

I came to London at the beginning of September last year.

What’s your favourite part of the city?

My favourite part of the city so far is Regent Park and Primrose Hill. Although I still have lots to explore!

How is life different in the UK? To be honest, one of the biggest things to get used to when I first moved here was not having access to a car. Back in New Zealand you’re just so used to driving everywhere, but here the public transport is so good, you don't need a car! Oh and getting used to saying pounds instead of dollars, I still mix that up sometimes.

What do you miss about home? The things I miss the most from NZ are the beaches and the Tui birds, they have such a pretty sound*.

What were you doing before coming to Tried & True? Well before London my partner and I did a two-week road trip up the West Coast of America! Then before that in NZ I worked as a manager of an American Smokehouse in Auckland.

What do you consider most challenging / most rewarding about working at T&T? The most challenging thing about working at T&T is trying to fix all the wobbly tables! Even if you go around all of them in the morning to fix them, they will all be wobbly by lunch again! The most rewarding things about working at T&T are the friends I'm making. Coming to a city where you know nobody can be difficult to make new friends but these guys make it very welcoming and enjoyable!

When you’re not at work, what do you enjoy doing? When I can I go and explore different parts of London I haven't been to before. Sunny days I try to go to one of the parks and read for a while. I enjoy going to the movies and checking out quirky little coffee shops/cafes.

Finally, what is your go-to coffee order and favourite T&T dish? Latte, one sugar and the Bagel with bacon, yum!!

The Tui

*Intrigued, I leaned to Google and found that not only do they sing a lovely song, they sport two stunning tufts on their collar, inspiring fashion trends worldwide, I’m sure.

We are lucky to have Anita as a member of our diverse and close-knit team and thank her for all the hard work she’s contributed since her start.


Get the kids outside this summer!

Make the most of the summer sun in Putney by visiting these world class local facilities!

Bishops Park

Bishops Park boasts an urban beach unique to London park, alongside seasonal splash pad with interactive water play features. There are also numerous play areas including toddler and junior playgrounds; tennis, table tennis and basketball facilities; plus a modern skate bowl. You can also enjoy river walks, meadow strolls plus moat, sculpture and rose gardens with ornamental lake.

Bishops Avenue, Hammersmith, Greater London, SW6 6EA

Putt in The Park While it definitely shouldn't be confused in the kids' minds with adventure of crazy golf (it's not, it's every bit real golf, but in miniature) this course is actually so nicely set out they'll hardly notice the difference, with bridges to cross and island holes surrounded by water as well as scenic landscaping and dramatic rockeries. You'll hardly believe you're standing the middle of London!

Wandsworth Park, Putney Bridge Road, Wandsworth, Greater London SW18 1PP

Water-based fun is always guaranteed to keep kids entertained in the summer months and at Wimbledon Sprinkler Park it’s completely free!

This interactive splash pad and sprinkler park has a whopping six paddling pools and two interactive play areas that squirt, sprinkle and tip water all to the shrieking delights of children playing there! This really is the best place to cool down and have a fab family day out. Parents can even get involved and run through the water features with the kids, see if you can make it all the way through without getting wet.

Home Park Road, Merton, Greater London, SW19 7HU

See for more great local ideas.


A Portrait of Putney by Granard School

Tried & True is a stone’s throw away from the outstanding group of students at Granard Primary School, where a dedicated team guides them through “Growing together; Achieving together” throughout the school and surrounding community. In one recent project, “A Portrait of Putney,” pupils of all ages created works of art representing the neighborhood, featuring landmarks such as Putney Bridge and Putney rail station. The colourful compositions adorn the walls of Granard and allow children to express their creativity and appreciation for the place they live.

Check them out on the opposite page!

Faith showing her collage

A few of the budding artists were approached for comment:

Karmella 2GS Foreman

“I was very surprised that I won and when I saw it, I felt very proud.”

Sameed 6M Pullman

“I felt really proud to see my art work being displayed in Putney Library. It was so delightful to hear everyone telling me how good my art work was.”

Tiyana 3P Murphy

“I felt happy because there were so many people whose work could have been chosen. When I saw my work I felt shocked as I’d never been to an exhibition before or seen my work in a frame.”

Phoebe 3B Dahl

“When I heard my art got in the library I was very excited and happy. How could I forget that day?”

Fatima 2R Potter

“I felt proud to have my work displayed in the art show because I tried my best and worked really hard.”

Clara's Crafti Corner - Chocolate Nutella Mug Cake!

Clara's Crafti Corner

I don’t know about you but sometimes I just get a craving for cake! And as much as I like getting every pot, bowl and pan in the house covered in cake mix and icing sometimes Daddy isn’t too impressed with the mess!

So, I’ve found a great way to bake a cake with no fuss and mess.

Best of all it is ready in minutes!

Chocolate Nutella Mug Cake

Clara’s Chocolate Nutella Mug Cake.

You will need: A BIG MUG!


1 T all purpose flour

1.5 T cocoa

0.25 t baking powder

pinch salt

1 large egg

1T sugar

2T Nutella


  1. In the mug, combine flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, and salt

  2. Beat in egg, sugar, and Nutella with a fork until very well blended.

  3. Microwave on high for 75-90 seconds, or until risen and the center is set.

  4. Top with your favourite sprinkles

  5. Let cool slightly before digging in!YUM!


T&T's New Kitchen Team

Head Chef Ventura Oliva

The winds of change have blown through the T&T kitchen in the last couple of months. We pride ourselves on being a great place to work so we don’t often get a lot of staff turnover. But when we do it can take a while to get things back on an even keel.

After a bit of chopping and changing we feel we’ve finally got together a great team of chefs dedicated to getting your breakfast to you just in time!


Head Chef – Ventura Oliva

We are all really proud of Ventura who started with us back in 2015 as kitchen porter. He has risen through the ranks by showing dedication to the task, hard work and a steely determination to keep learning and improving.

Sous Chef – Robert Sidyk

Robert joins us from Pain de Quotidian where he helped run the busy kitchen out at Canary Wharf. Cool as a cucumber under pressure, Robert brings a lot of experience to the role.

Chef de Partie – Steven Harry

We are really pleased to have Steven on board. He has previously worked at Cau in Wimbledon Village and has a former life in the building trade.

Kitchen Porter / Commis Chef – Jakub Andruszkiewicz

Someone you definitely want on your team, is Jakub. A Putney lad, Jakub joins us for the University Holidays. An undergraduate at Manchester University,Jakub is majoring in architecture.

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